Tokyo, Japan

I’m currently at Narita Airport in Tokyo, waiting to board my flight at 8:40pm. Since I still got some time, I decided to take out my trusty laptop and share my Tokyo travel guide book while it’s fresh in my mind.

Look at the amount of clothes I packed for the trip! My luggage was so full omg!

I took this trip with my mum and Tara. We left on 20th Jan.


Some pics taken in the plane…

Oh yes people, when you travel to a cold country, you need really good moisturizers for you skin. I used the L’oreal hydrafresh genius for my face. For my body, I used Japanese Camellia Cream from The Body Shop. My skin did not dry up at all during this trip.


We stayed at Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay which is very near to Disneyland!

Tokyo Travel Guide Book Day 1


We headed to Shinjuku Gyeon National Garden. Along the way, we shopped and ate, and went to Kinokuniya which has 7 storeys!


I read on someone’s blog that Shinjuku Gyeon National Garden is beautiful all seasons, which is why I wanted to go. Total bullshit. I think the best time to go is during spring, during the cherry blossom bloom.


Did more shopping after that and this is what we had for dinner…

Steak and spicy squid with cheese! So good!

Tokyo Travel Guide Book Day 2


We woke up REALLY REALLY early to go to Fukuro No Mise, an owl cafe. Singapore really should open one. We thought we had to head to the cafe early to book a slot. However, when we reach there about 9am, we found out that the shop only opens at 2pm, and customers can only book a slot one hour before opening. So we went to sit at Jonathan’s to have our breakfast.

Pictures taken outside at a cafe where we had tea….273272

The owl cafe is definitely a must to visit when you’re in Tokyo. It’s really unique. You don’t find it in other countries, do you?

There were so many owls there! We took so many photos with these beautiful birds.

After that, we headed to Harajuku for dinner at Wolfgang Puck and for more shopping


Tokyo Travel Guide Book Day 3 

Off to Tsujiki Market!


I was craving for sashimi, but mum and Tara don’t eat raw fish so I ended up sitting at the shop by myself, enjoying this…


While mum enjoyed her scallop at S$4.80


Next, we headed to Asakusa Temple to explore. This is the place where you can do lots of shopping for food and souvenirs.

There was a shop that allows you to rent kimonos and my mum and I decided to try it out. We got to get our hair and make up done. If you’re following me on snapchat, you would have seen the whole process of putting the kimono on. Altogether, we spent about 7500 yen.

Last stop for the day? Shibuya!


A picture with the Hatchiko statue!


I did the most shopping at Shibuya! I bought so many things from Forever 21 and Bershka. So much cheaper than in Singapore. And I bought a pair of new boots which cost me 6000 yen.


I had the best ramen for dinner and it was super spicy!

Day 4


The view from my hotel room.  There was a wedding taking place at one of the hotel’s chapels.

Taken at the hotel garden…

We headed to Mount Takao

Day 5

Visited the snow monkey park near Nagano. We had to take a bullet train to get there.

Went to a temple right after arriving.



Had to trek 1.6km to the snow monkey park. Look at the snow 😍😍

Aren’t they adorable?

This baby monkey was so attracted to my walking stick lol

Foodie 😋


Day 6

Off we went to DisneySea! For those who are not sure whether to go Disneyland or disneysea, here’s and advice. Disneyland is more suitable for little children while disneysea appeals to teenagers and adults. However if you are keen to meet the Disney princesses, go to Disneyland.

We took the Disney shuttle from our hotel


Lunch at disneysea was so good! The mac&cheese was one of the best I’ve eaten!

Continued our day at disneysea…


How cool is the Disney monorail?

Dinner at Cafe Keila

Thank you Tara for spending the whole day with me at disneysea! Great bonding time with my sissy ❤️
Day 7

Headed to Gotemba, the premium outlet for a whole day of shopping

Buying a train ticket
Can see Mt Fuji from the premium outlet!

I bought so many things again, especially from Abercrombie and Fitch!

Lunch at a Chinese restaurant

Second round at a cafe hahaha

Last photo for the trip!

I’m so sad that this trip is over!

I enjoy living out of a suitcase and staying at hotels! Can never tame this wanderlust soul of mine ☺️

But it’s ok, in a few months, I’ll be travelling again 😆

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  1. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time in Tokyo! I’ll be in the city in April and can’t way to see all the amazing things in person. Thank you so much for your great post 🙂

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