Rhine Valley Travel Guide

We decided to be a little ‘brave’ by taking a day tour to Rhine Valley on the second day upon arriving in Europe, despite ‘battling’ the not-so-friendly jet lag.

We visited this little town called Rüdesheim. I love how the locals there pronounce it. The “R” is silent and instead it sounds like “hoo-de-sheim”. I tried my best to have a German accent when saying the word, and not to brag, but I think I said it pretty well.

Once we arrived in Rüdesheim, the first thing we did was look for food. I tend to get hungry easier when I’m in a cold country. I guess I burn off calories faster when I’m hungry?

We had lunch at this quaint little eatery called Hannefore International. I ordered cheese with bread and holy moly (!!!) it’s so good, I was like “where have you been all my life?!!”

Paired it with a bottle of Moscato, it’s the perfect combination!

I was actually ‘fighting’ with dad over the cheese. He was taking too much of it and ya know, Nicole DON’T SHARE food!!

After all that cheese, bread and wine, we decided to trek up to visit the famous Niederwalddenkmal, which represents the spirit and unification of Germany.

Funnily enough, we didn’t plan on trekking. We wanted to take the cablecar up, but it was close (shops close really early in Europe).

So imagine my ‘delight’ when I found out we were gonna trek nearly 2km!




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