Photos of Lapland To Inspire You To Visit

Reindeer Safari Lapland
Santa Claus Village Lapland
Photos of Lapland To Inspire You To Visit: Santa Claus Village Lapland

Hello guys! I hope you had a lovely week! In this post, I will be sharing photos of Lapland, Finland, to inspire you to visit.

Lapland is Finland’s northernmost region, a sparsely populated area bordering Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea.  It is known for its vast subarctic wilderness, ski resorts and natural phenomena including the midnight sun and the Northern Lights. Capital Rovaniemi is the gateway to the region. The homeland of the indigenous Sami people, which extends into neighboring countries, centers on the far north. And…. it is the home of Santa Claus!

Lapland lies within the Arctic Circle, full of amazing unspoiled nature. This land is literally comprised of different parts of Scandinavia, which makes it a very diverse and truly unique place.Russia and Finland form the eastern part. WhileRussian and Finnish Lapland occupies lowland territories. Sweden makes the central Swedish Lapland, which is mostly taiga lands. And Norway gifted us the western mountainous part, Norwegian Lapland, the place of many picturesque fjords. Interestingly, Iceland and Denmark are the only exception. They are located in the Arctic Circle yet are not part of Lapland.

If you are looking for a fairytale winter vacation full of different breathtaking experiences, Lapland is the place!


Snow Mobile Lapland
Snow Mobile In Lapland

When To Visit Lapland

January brings the crystal clear light that you only imagine in dreams. While February’s deep, crisp snow is best for winter sports. And March is the best time to catch the aurora. On the other hand, April to August is the time when the snow melts, which exposes the beautiful landscape beneath. However, in September, you’ll get  an autumnal patchwork of burnt red, orange and yellow. November to December will bring big snow, perfect for some winter activities and sports like snow boarding.

How To Go To Lapland

We spent three days in Helsinki and took a flight to Lapland.

Santa's Igloo Arctic Circle
Santa’s Igloo Arctic Circle

Photos Of Lapland To Inspire You To Visit

Finland’s two official languages are Finnish and Swedish. But most of the locals do speak English. In Lapland, you will hear Finnish almost all the time. But, the language, Sami, is spoken only in certain places, mostly in areas further North.

What To Do In Lapland

Lapland is very rich for different sights and activities. However, it depends on the season of travel. Traditionally, most travelers come to Lapland in winter to visit famous Santa Claus Village, hunt the magical Northern Lights, take a ride with a team of huskies, feel the adrenaline on a snowmobiles ride, and more.

Meeting Santa In Lapland
Photos of Lapland To Inspire You To Visit: Meeting Santa In Lapland

Santa Claus Office And Post Office

Santa Claus Office, located at the heart of the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi in Finland, has been open every single day of the year since 1992. Hundreds of thousands of people of all ages from every corner of the globe have visited the world’s nicest man at his Office. Here you will catch a glimpse of Santa’s secrets. One of his biggest secrets is the Earth’s Rotational Speed Regulator.

Santa’s elves will capture your visit with premium quality and you can purchase the video and photos after the meeting.

At Santa Claus Main Post Office, you can post greeting cards to family and friends back home. I even sent one to myself, which I received when I returned home. It’s a great souvenir for your loved ones.

Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle is a circle of latitude that runs 66°33′45.9″ north of the Equator. It marks the southernmost latitude where the sun can stay continuously below or above the horizon for 24 hours – these phenomena are known as the Midnight Sun in the summer and the Polar Night (“Kaamos”) in the winter.

In Rovaniemi, the Arctic Circle runs through Santa Claus Village, located eight kilometers north of the city centre, where it is clearly marked. Santa Claus Village is a popular place to cross the Arctic Circle, where the line is marked. And you can even get a certificate confirming the feat, which I made sure to get of course!

Northern Lights in Lapland Finland
Northern Lights in Lapland, Finland


With the best trips to Lapland, you can choose packages with itineraries that include several destinations or comprehensive northern explorations. For example, a Finnish Lapland tour or a Great Winter Lapland.

Undoubtedly, if you want a perfect winter getaway with the Northern Lights, husky sledding, and other winter activities, the cold season is your best option. But summer also has many wonders to offer, from beautiful sceneries to the Midnight Sun, a natural phenomenon when the sun doesn’t leave the sky almost 24 hours every day.

Husky Safari Lapland
Husky Safari Lapland

Fun Facts About Lapland

Did you know, the number of reindeer in the province roughly equals that of people?

First of all, Lapland’s very sparsely-populated. Only 3.6%, around 184,000 people, of the Finnish population lives in Lapland.

Second of all, Lapland, the conventional name for the region, is derived from Lapp, the name Scandinavians ascribed to the Sami people

Third, Reindeer, fish and game meats are staple foods. However, did you know that Lapland is famous for its cheese? Known as ‘Squeaky cheese’ because of the noise it makes when you chew it. Also, it is the oldest and most well-known gourmet cheese from Finland, which is served with another Lapland speciality – cloudberry jam.

Lastly, Lapland is the best place to view the Northern Lights. Abisko National Park is regarded as one of the best places in the world to see this natural light show due to its prevailing winds, which means that cloud rarely forms. When the skies are clear, you’ll have a higher chance of catching the Northern Lights. However, we didn’t get to visit this park during our trip to Lapland.

Santa's Igloo Arctic Circle
Photos of Lapland To Inspire You To Visit: Santa’s Igloo Arctic Circle

What To Wear In Lapland

If you are visiting Lapland during winter, make sure you are well prepared for the cold. The lowest the temperature can get is negative 30 degrees Celcius! Make sure you bring sufficient thermal wear, gloves, winter hats, boots, etc.

Where To Stay In Lapland

During our trip to Lapland, we stayed in Santa Igloo Arctic Circle. I would say this is one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in! We got to see the clear starry sky of Lapland from the comfort of our igloo.


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