Mekong Riverview: Peace and Tranquility in Laos

Mekong Riverview Hotel

BB5A8F0C-DE06-4326-AF91-63FE63A7605A (1)F8CD08B9-9AF0-4C7C-BECC-2437FD0D513CIMG_6933When exploring Luang Prabang and you want to stay at a relaxing hotel, look no further. Mekong Riverview Hotel provides a peaceful tranquility that looks out at the exact point of the convergence of Nam Khan River and Mekong River! Opened in 2007 by Swedish Mr Urban Paulsson, the hotel is built at the tip of the Peninsula in Luang Prabang. It is certified by the UNESCO World Heritage. With over 24 rooms, Mekong Riverview is a beautiful boutique hotel known for its quaint and charming style.


 I was able to relax and unwind in the comfort of my deluxe room. With a balcony facing the Mekong river, I thoroughly enjoyed sitting there with a bottle of Lao beer and some yummy heavenly pizzas, while people watching, appreciating just being in the moment and the fact that I was finally in Luang Prabang after wanting to visit for so long!


In the mornings, you can walk to the hotel’s cafe, Viewpoint Restaurant, which is on the opposite of the road. During such moments, it’s just so peaceful and quiet. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you have an amazing view from the restaurant. For breakfast, you get to choose between Western and Lao cuisine. Try their crepes and their croissants is one of the best I’ve eaten! What impressed me most was thatevery morning at 9am, Mr Urban will come to the restaurant to greet guests and spend time talking to them. It shows how he truly cares about his guests and ensures customer service in his hotel is top-notch!


Right next to the restaurant is the hotel’s garden: Viewpoint Garden. While having breakfast, I usually spot one or two people doing morning stretches there. When the hotel was first opened, this piece of land was nothing more than a plain area of uncared for land and shrubs. Despite not actually owning this piece of land, Mr Urban took care of it. ​He worked with the local authorities to develop and maintain this area into something truly beautiful​.

The hotel now uses this area for their wine tasting evenings. They​ are held once or twice a week ​and all the guests ​are invited to enjoy a glass of wine or two. This is a good opportunity​ to get to know the other hotel residents and the staff. Unfortunately, we checked out on the day of the wine tasting and we were so sad that we were unable to participate. Well, I guess there’s always next time.

I am very fortunate that I was asked to do a photoshoot for their newly opened spa corner, after two years of construction. What is so unique about the spa is that it is not located within the hotel itself! UNESCO has very strict rules that the buildings in this stretch of Luang Prabang must be preserved properly and as such, none of the hotels at this particular area is allowed to build swimming pools. Mekong Riverview decided to build their spa, Palm Tree Health Spa, across the river. This means that guests who want to enjoy the spa facilities will have to take a small traditional Lao boat across the river, which only takes 1 minute! Otherwise, they can also walk via the bamboo bridge. Another way would be to take a buggy but it will take 15 minutes to get to the spa as you will have to make one big loop.

However, due to monsoon season, the bridge will be destroyed and every year, locals rebuild it again. This is one way for some locals to earn extra money.


Inspired by the beautiful surroundings, Palm Tree Health Spa is a peaceful, light-filled space, filled with serenity. Away from the popular touristy spots in town, you can unwind in the beautiful natural surroundings, indulge in a soothing, luxurious spa treatment.


I chose a traditional Thai massage and slept like a baby! It really feels like I was in the middle of an oasis and I could feel my troubles just slipping away….

Right after that, I went for a swim in the spa’s salt water pool. Under the hot and humid summer heat of Luang Prabang, this swim was much needed and very refreshing!

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Thank you so much to everyone in the hotel for making my stay so warm and welcoming! I would like to specifically thank Josephine and the staff at Palm Tree Health Spa for an amazing time while we were doing this photoshoot! I had an awesome time with you guys and hope to come back to Luang Prabang soon!

if you are looking for an oasis to retreat to, and just switch off from the World, Mekong Riverview Hotel might just be the place that you’d want to escape to!



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