Frankfurt Travel Guide (Part 1)

Our 3-week adventure (20th March – 9th April) in Europe began at Frankfurt.

I have to say, I was definitely not prepared for the cold. Even though it was Spring, temperatures fell as low as 2 degrees when I was there. And if you know me, I can’t stand cold. Uh uh! That’s why I’m always at the beach. So the cold was definitely a shock to my whole body system as you can imagine.

We took it easy on the first day upon arrival, due to jet lag and I repeat, the cold. Ok we TRIED to take it easy but there were so many things to see and places to go.

We first headed to the Kaiserdom Imperial Cathedral. I think we were the only idiots who decided to climb up 328 steps (!!!) up to the top of the cathedral, when we were suffering from jet lag. No joke guys, I was literally wheezing. At the top, you’ll get the beautiful view of Frankfurt’s skyline.

But of course, me being in as rotten bitch mood after suffering the way up, just said, “That’s it?! I suffered through all that shit for this?!” Sorry guys, I can be a bitch when I’m in a foul mood.

Next, we headed to Römer, which is is a medieval building in the Altstadt of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and one of the city’s most important landmarks.  We had lunch at this place called Haus Wertheym and got to try the apple wine. I didn’t like it that much as it tasted diluted to me.


Before we called it a day, we visited the Palmengarten, which I thoroughly enjoyed! Why? Because it was a green house, so the whole place was warm!

My thoughts for this place? If you live in a humid country like Singapore and do not need to rely on green houses to grow beautiful flowers? You can give the Palmengarten a miss. But if you’re there for the photos, Palmengarten is a good place for that.


During our time in Frankfurt, we stayed in an Airbnb located in a village named Geinsheim, which is near to the city Trebur. We relied heavily on public transportation daily. Now if you’re travelling to Frankfurt, I would suggest you get a pass which was a saviour for us. We bought the two-day pass, allowing us to travel anywhere within the city.

It is important to note that if you get caught without a ticket or pass for public transport, you’ll get a fine of 60 Euros PER PERSON!! That was what happened to us during one of our day out in Frankfurt. We were very lucky as the officer was kind enough to only fine my dad.

So don’t try your luck like we did!

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