Bali (2016)

Hello! It’s been a while! As you can see from the title, this post is about my recent trip to Bali. I was there from 3rd October to 8th October, allowing me to celebrate my birthday there.

By the time we arrived in Bali, it was almost 9pm. I have to say that Shahrul and I had a bad start to our holiday. We booked a villa in Askara Villa. The manager, Gede, did not check our confirmation slip properly and told us that my mum, who would arrived on the next day, could stay without additional charges. So of course, my mum happily booked her air tickets. But three days before we were due to arrive in Bali, he emailed us saying we have to pay IDR 250000 per night for an additional person. When we emailed him back, he claimed that he did not see our confirmation properly. I told him that it is not fair for us since he was the one who made the mistake, and should keep his promise.

When we arrive at Askara Villa, firstly, he was not there to give us a proper welcome. Second, he called the housekeeper, asking to talk to us. He was rude and unprofessional, claiming that, as I directly quote him, ‘no money no bed’. I said it was unfair that he emailed so last minute. He argued that he emailed us more than a week in advance and has the emails to prove it. I told him off and said that we too have the emails to prove he did not. Realising he was at fault, he kept quiet. And then he started to put the blame on Shahrul who was communicating with him via email, saying that Shahrul did not state that he was talking on my behalf and did not send the confirmation slip. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Of course we did all those when we first started communicating with him!

He went on to say rudely, ‘So you gonna pay or not?’ Me reaching my boiling point, told him, ‘No of course not. We are not paying and we will move out tomorrow.’

I think he thought we were joking cos he just said ‘ok you move out tomorrow’ but when we actually moved out the next day, he was shocked and kept apologising to us for the mistake he made. People if you’re going to Bali, don’t stay at Askara with such a rude manager.

Back to happy thoughts..

We moved in to Bali Asih Villa the next day and the people were so nice and sweet to us.

We went for brunch at The Fat Turtle on the second day cos I was in no mood to eat at Askara Villa.

Relaxation time!

We went to the Ubud Monkey Forest in the evening

Reached back in time to see mum arrive from the airport.

We had to sleep early that night (which we did not) as we had to wake up at 1am to trek Mount Batur. Only slept for an hour omg

And then water rafting after that. We were so sore after.

We were utterly exhausted but still managed to head to Batu Bolong Beach to watch the sunset

On the fourth day, Shahrul and I went to Kandara Karma to explore. The place is so B-E-A-utiful!!

Went for a well deserve spa at Rob Peetoom Hair Spa Bali. The treatment was so good, I felt like a queen being pampered at Rob Peetoom. Not only do you get a great massage but you get to do it while enjoying the amazing view right in front of you. And while getting massage, you get to choose a drink of your choice and munch on biscuits. I could do this all day, everyday! Who’s with me?

Tanah Lot Temple to watch sunset. It was really crowded cos everyone was just walking around and waiting for the moment the sun sets.

Day 5 which is also my birthday, we went to do my fav thing in the world, horse riding!! Gosh it feels so good to be back in the saddle. Especially when my horse, Fudge, is galloping, it feels like I could be riding forever and there’s no worries in the world.

We went back to the villa for some R&R before going out for dinner with my mum at Potato Head Beach Club

Had an amazing 22nd in Bali and thanks everyone for the birthday wishes 😍

Our last morning in Bali was spent surfing. I haven’t surf in years but I would say that compared to the last time I surfed, I’ve improved  a lot. Whereas it was mum’s first time. But I think she did pretty good for a first timer. The next time I go back Bali, I’m just gonna spend my whole time surfing.

We went for a hearty meal after that before stopping to watch the scenery at Water Blow

Bali, you were nothing short of AMAZING! Hope to be back again just for the surf! And I enjoyed being there with my two fav people ❤️

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