5 Days in Chiangmai

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I posted something here. So here goes my five-day itinerary in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Every time I travel, the first day upon arriving, it’s always good not to have so many activities packed. Why? Jet lag, or for the simple fact that you’re exhausted from sitting in a plane for a period. That’s what we did (or didn’t do) on our first day. We kept activities to a minimal.


The first place we visited was the famous temple known as Wat Chedi Luang. It is one of the regions most important temple. It was built about 600 years ago and is supposedly to be the most impressive temple in Chiangmai.

Before calling it a day, we visited another temple. The famous Silver Temple, known as Wat Sri Suphan. With its impressive hand crafted silver decoration and the temple and statues being completely covered in silver, it’s a no-brainer how it got its English name.IMG_0305 (4).JPGIMG_0288 (3).JPGIMG_0320 (5)

Elephant Nature Park

IMG_9683.JPGIMG_9648.JPGIMG_9663 (17).JPGIMG_9707 (22).JPGIMG_9729 (23).JPG

Visiting an elephant sanctuary has been on my bucket list for like FOREVER!! And I’ve always wanted to visit one of them in Chiangmai. The only problem? There are so many sanctuaries here in Chiangmai, it’s tough to decide.

What I noticed however is that even though there are many, not all are legit sanctuaries. Many of them encourage riding, which is against my believes.

At elephant nature park, the elephants are able to roam freely and no one is allowed to sit on the them. I noticed that no one working at the park actually carries a hook to control the animals.

So far, the park has rescued about 82 elephants. They were either once abused or used in the logging industry.

One story that touched my heart was a blind elephant named Jokia. She was pregnant when she was put to work in the logging industry. When Jokia gave birth, her baby rolled down the hill, still in his sac. Sadly, it did not survive. Sad about the death, Jokia was not willing to work. Her owner used a slingshot to hit her eye to force her to work. Jokia retaliated by using her trunk to push the man. He then took a knife to stab her other eye.

Jokia was eventually rescued by the owner of the park and placed at the park.

I’m just thankful these elephants have a safe haven in the park and do not have to face the cruel hands of men any longer, but it made me realise that there are still many animals out there being abused and used for money.

Wachirathan Waterfall

Because it was monsoon period when we visited, it rained everyday. I was literally praying each day for some sunlight.

The only waterfall we managed to go to was Wachirathan Waterfall. I wanted to visit Wat Sri suphan, also known as sticky waterfalls, but due to the constant raining, it was impossible to swim.

IMG_9750 (24).JPG

Weekend Night Markets

One of the things you can’t miss in Chiangmai is the night market. It’s basically walking down roads of makeshift stalls where you can shop till you drop. We spent 4 hours walking at the Saturday night market and it was still not enough. I even got to do a tarot card reading there, which was interesting. If shoppers are exhausted from the never-ending shopping, there are many food and drink stalls along the way. The night market is the perfect place to buy homemade souvenirs for family and friends back home.

Akrya Manor RISE Rooftop Bar

We didn’t stay at Akrya Manor but the manager was nice enough to let us have our lunch there as well as a swim in the pool. It’s a relatively new hotel, but I can see why it has gained a name for itself in such a short time. The staff are so friendly and constantly coming to the rooftop bar to check on us and ask if we needed anything else. Yes, we were the only guests at the rooftop bar for the three hours we were there. How awesome!

IAPTE7952.JPGIMG_0426.JPGIMG_0381 (10).JPG

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Stay tune for my Chiangrai post!



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