2016 travel lookbook

And just like that, with a snap of your fingers, it’s the last day of January! Wow! First month of the year already gone?!

Well, here’s a recap of my travel adventures in 2016:

Tokyo (January):

First trip of 2016 with my mum and sis. It’s so good to go somewhere cold. Makes me miss the freezing weather and I think I should plan to go somewhere this year to experience winter again.

Macau & Hong Kong (April)

First time traveling with my grandaunt and granduncle. Was also joined by my grandma and aunt. Was utterly spoiled by them hehe 🙂

My cousin and her friend happened to be there too so we met up a couple of times.

Sydney (April/May)

Ahhh heading to my fav city in my fav country with my Boo! I miss this trip the most and how can I forget the mouth-watering food Sydney has to share. I can’t wait to move there!!

Bali (October)

This was the first time I got to travel on my birthday! And also the first time my Boo, Mum and I went on a trip together!


Port Dickson (November)

Brought my Mum for a short birthday trip.

Bangkok (December)

My last trip with my Boo in 2016!

Darwin (December/January)

2016 started with a girls’ trip with my Mum and sis, and it ended with another trip with them. A road trip!!


Hope you love my 2016 travel lookbook!!!



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