Father’s Day celebrations

Brought my old man for an early Father’s Day dinner at none other than Gordon Ramsay Bread Street Kitchen at Marina Bay Sands. 

Staying with him the past week has made us closer in some ways I would say. I’m more comfortable talking to him. In the past, I found it awkward to spend alone time with my dad and would usually just keep quiet, worried that I might say something to ignite his anger. So yes, I would find any opportunity to avoid alone time with him even if it’s just a few minutes. 

But a few days back, I told dad that I was going to bring him out for dinner. I didn’t tell him what restaurant, only that it was at MBS. And he joked to me, ‘Luckily I insist you wear sports shoes. Always wear slippers out, so sloppy.’ 

We were out the whole day. I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning. After that, dad said we should go Bugis for lunch. I was prepared not to have a heavy meal but dad ended up choosing a Japanese Hotpot buffet. I wanted to blurt out right away and tell him we’re having a good and hearty meal for dinner but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. So we ate and ate and ate. And oh gosh! We had a serious dose of food coma!

We headed to orchard after that as I had my 3D brow styling session with Amanda from Shu Uemura. Dad waited for me while I was getting my brows done and then we went to walk at Taka. Got myself my fav Lauduree macaroons and while eating, we walked about and talked about the different high-end brands. I’m surprised dad knows more about these brands that I do! He can tell me the prices and which brand is better than the others lol. 

When we finally reached MBS, I had a hard time looking for the restaurant, and dad was so exasperated, he told me to just tell him the name of the restaurant. And I told him, ‘no I can’t do that. It’s a surprise!’ So he had no choice but to follow me to look around for the restaurant. 

We ordered one hot and cold starter and a main dish to share. Seared scallops, carrot purée,treacle cured bacon, Apple, celery cress for our hot starter. For the cold starter, we ordered chicken liver with foie gras. Unfortunately I can’t remember the full name and I can’t seem to find it in the menu online. We ordered the slow-roasted dingley dell pork belly, spiced apple purée as our main. I commented that I couldn’t taste the fats in the pork and that I liked how it was cooked. Dad explained that it takes special skills to cook the pork that way. The chef will have to cook the pork until the fats between the skin and meat has melted. Impressive much? 

For dessert, I ordered the chocolate fondant with salted caramel and mint chocolate chip ice cream. I specially requested that ‘happy father’s day’ be written on the plate. 

We just sat at the restaurant, taking our time to finish our meal and drank finish the bottle of wine that dad got. My fav would be the foie gras and pork belly. I thought it would be the scallops but apparently not. And the wine was so good! Medium-bodied and a tinge of sweetness. Went really well with what we ate. I can just eat foie gras and drink Riesling everyday! That would be a dream! And what a dream!

As we were heading out of the restaurant, I heard some music playing outside and I remembered that at a certain hour, there’s a music fountain show. So being his first time watching the show, dad took out his phone to film the whole thing and being touristy hahaha

I could see that my dad was having a great time. The moment he found out we were having dinner at Gordon Ramsay’a restaurant, his face was just so priceless!

Bread Street Kitchen is worth going back to! In fact, I promised my other man I would bring him there for his birthday 

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