Don’t Read This On An Empty Stomach!!

I finally got to try the much raved about Dancing Crab with my aunt!

Ordered the extra spicy crab, which isn’t too bad. It was really spicy with a pinch of Mexican herb in the sauce. The lobster roll was so so. I couldn’t really taste the lobster. I would say that Pince and Pints still has the best lobster roll. So I would say, skip the lobster roll at Dancing Crab.

We were really quite full from our meal but we still wanted our desserts!! Headed to the Forum Shopping Mall for Benjamin Browns.


I ordered the Banana Nutella which was so gooood! I love that the nutella wasn’t overpowering that I can’t taste the banana. My aunt ordered the Coffee Avocado. Each ‘Over the top’ milkshake is $16. I would say give it a try if you’re having a meal there. After all, it’s not everyday you get to have such a wonderfully made milkshake. Plus, very picture-worthy. The rainbow cake is HEAVENLY! I’ve eaten so many rainbow cakes that are so dry, you just want to spit it out. But this…. it’s really moist and soft! Another must try!

Headed to Hatter Street next for some waffles with my mum and siblings. Now, if you’re ever at this cafe, you must try the pandan ice cream with waffles. It is simply delicious!


My brother ordered coconut ice cream with waffles and maple syrup. I think the ice cream is too sweet for my liking, but at least it clears the palatte.


My sis ordered vanilla ice cream with waffles and salted caramel.

Personally, my fav is still pandan ice cream with waffles and salted caramel. So remember to give it a try! 😉

I’m sorry if reading this has made you hungry, but I did warn you not to read this on an empty stomach haha! Have a good week ahead everyone 🙂






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