Iceland and London (Part 2)

Okie so I’ve finally got the time to write about my trip to London! We were in Iceland from 14 November to 25 November of last year. After that, we were in London until the 2nd of December.

Tara was the most excited to go to London! She’s crazy over it and I think if she was given a choice, she would stay there for the rest of her life. Her obsession over London probably started the same time as her obsession with 1D.

Flying from Iceland to London takes only about three hours so the flight wasn’t so dreadful!

London is the complete opposite of Iceland. Iceland is really quiet and peaceful and when we wereΒ  outside of Reykjavik, there were times we would travel for hours without seeing another person or a car. It does not have really talk buildings or skyscrapers. But London is different. It’s a city so everyone is on the go!

Our time in London was free and easy. My siblings and I were given the task of planning our daily activities. I was more interested in visiting the royal palaces so I made sure to include that in our itinerary.

Here are some photos we took during our trip! Again, I used my iphone to take them and no filter needed!

IMG_5228 IMG_5229

IMG_5232 IMG_5236IMG_5243

We visited the stonehenge!

IMG_5247 IMG_5254

Mark just being......Mark
Mark just being……Mark

So….what’s new? My siblings, ever the goofballs, enjoyed photobombing!

IMG_5316 IMG_5317 IMG_5318 IMG_5319 IMG_5320

We took the tube everyday to travel from one place to another.

London Tube Map
London Tube Map
London Bridge
London Bridge
Big Ben
Big Ben


London Eye
London Eye

Visited London’s Madame Tussauds! We had a little too much fun there πŸ˜€

IMG_5377 IMG_5378IMG_5400 IMG_5401 IMG_5402 IMG_5408 IMG_5409 IMG_5410 IMG_5411 IMG_5412IMG_5548 IMG_5549

Scissors, paper, stone
Bowing down to Hitler hahaha
Bowing down to Hitler hahaha

IMG_5444 IMG_5445IMG_5451

Managed to catch the changing of the Buckingham Palace guards one morning

IMG_5469 IMG_5475

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

Tara really wanted to try the food at the Sherlock Holmes Restaurant so went there for dinner one evening.

IMG_5542 IMG_5543

The London Dungeon was pretty scary!


Walked through Kensington Park to visit Kensington Palace


The grave of William Shakespeare



IMG_5590 IMG_5586

Westminster Abbey! Didn’t get to go in though πŸ™

Family Pic <3
Family Pic <3

More photos….

IMG_5605 IMG_5607 IMG_5608 IMG_5609 IMG_5610

So yup my trip last year was amazing! It was a healing experience for me, especially when I was going through so much fucked up shit last year. Through this trip, I learnt how to really smile and laugh again πŸ™‚ Of course, my family played a huge role! Love y’all <3 It’s always wonderful to travel with them. They always make me laugh and cheer me up! Looking forward to having more family vacays with them πŸ˜€

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