10 Reasons Why You Should Join A Pangea Dreams Retreat

Meeting friends from different countries at Pangea Dream Retreat

What is a Pangea Dreams Retreat?

Founded by Tracy Komlos (@tracy_komlos), Pangea Dreams started out as a content creation agency, combining the creation of beautiful, amazing content with traveling.

Now, Pangea Dreams include retreats for creative and entrepreneurial women who share like-minded goals in carefully-selected destinations.

Fun Fact: Pangea Dreams is the original blogger retreat!

Find out more about Pangea Dream Retreat and read about my review

I’m gonna list out 10 reasons why you should join The Pangea Dreams Retreat! I hope after reading this, it’ll motivate you girl bosses out there to join! And I’ve got an awesome surprise for you at the end…

1. Making Lifelong friends

Pangea Dreams Retreat Bali 2018 Week 1

The goal of Pangea Dreams Retreat is to bring women from different countrie together and become a strong supporting unit for one another. In other words, we are one big family of strong, independent women. I got to meet incredible like-minded women when I was in the Bali October 2018 Week 1 group.

2. Up-ing Your Instagram Game

Learn how to gain followers the authentic way. Frustrated with not knowing the ins and outs of Instagram? The Pangea Dreams Retreat will help you with that….

If you scroll down my Instagram feed, you’ll see that my pics have improved tremendously since the retreat

3. Improving Your Photography Skills

You’ll get to learn how to take photos with a professional camera. Manual mode goes a long way! Besides that, you’ll learn how to filter your pics like a pro! Remember, increasing saturation isn’t always the best. Less is more….

4. Visiting Beautiful Places

During my time at Pangea Dreams Retreat, we went to so many beautiful places in Bali like the Tegallalang Rice Terrace!

5. Taking Awesome Photos

Talk about learning outside the classroom. This is where you can test out your new photography skills.

6. Be In A New Country

Pangea Dreams holds retreats all over the world. From Bali to Mexico to Peru!

I will share more on the upcoming retreats towards the end!

7. Blogging 101

Other than workshops like Media Kit Creation, Hotel + Brand collaborations, motivational talks by inspiring hosts, you’ll get to know how to improve your blogging skills!

After the Pangea Dreams Retreat, I was able to monetize my blog! How cool right?!

8. A New Cultural Experience

Experiencing a new culture will force you to quickly learn and adopt the new language. There is only so much that you can learn by sitting in a classroom or from texts. It’s a whole different experience when you immerse yourself in the culture and hear the language spoken in its cultural context; you will pick it up much faster since you will be surrounded by it constantly.

9. Daily Morning Yoga Practices

Health is equally important when you’re at The Pangea Dreams Retreat! I thoroughly enjoyed the morning yoga! Awakens the mind, body and soul, preparing you for the daily activities.

10. FUN! Lots Of It!

Every day at Pangea Dreams Retreat is an adventure! You will not regret joining one of the retreats! I promise you’ll have the best of time there! And that is what this retreat is about!

2020 Pangea Dreams Retreat

1) Photography & content tour in Morocco (April 2020; 1 week)

Hey! Maybe I’ll see you girls as I will be there for a collaboration!

2)  Signature Retreat in Ubud, Bali (May 2020; 2 weeks)

3) Signature Retreat in Peru (June 2020; 2 weeks)

4) Mastermind Retreat in Tulum, Mexico (August 2020; 1 week)

5) Signature Retreat in Ubud, Bali (September 2020, dates TBD)

6) Photography & content tour in India (October 2020, dates TBD)


I told you I have a surprise for you! Use code <NICOLEL550> to receive $550 off the regular priced retreats (This is $50 more than the EARLYBIRD pricing and is in replacement of, not in addition to the EARLYBIRD pricing)

So what are you waiting for? Use my code to sign up now!




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